Taiwan is one of the world’s most important places to consume fine jewelry. It has diversified design capabilities but not the integration of jewelry metalworking techniques. Due to the high quality and stability of Taiwan’s talents and adequate technology, the quantitative and qualitative production in Taiwan of the jewelry metalwork will be in the leading position of Asia and even the world, becoming the world’s factory for metalwork design and molding in the future.

    With continuous advancement and breakthroughs of traditional metalwork, the craftsmanship of fine jewelry can be passed to the new generation to pass on. In this regard, the Education Department of New Taipei City Government and Dong Long Ju (DLJ) Co. Ltd. have jointly planned the competition focusing on jewelry metalwork. We hope that the contestants will use metalwork as the base to express their creativity and combine metal crafts with local culture.

Design theme:Praying for Blessings

Temple architecture in Taiwan not only allows temples to show their spiritual side, but also the artistic side. Exquisite temple architecture is palace for Gods, and faith for believers. On top of that, we can feel all the blessings and propitious surrounding us when visiting temples. We would like to combine the beauty of beliefs and jewelry, create an artwork with local characteristics.

We hope that you utilize the characteristics of blessings and gemstones, and bring out the most innovative design.